Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro Answer Fan’s Questions

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Earlier this month, LACUNA COIL members Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro began responding weekly fan-submitted questions about a new manuscript  The initial integrate of sets of answers can be found below.

Q: How many songs are created yet?

Andrea: “All of a songs for a manuscript have been created and we’re now operative on a lyrics. Obviously in a studio some things are gonna change a small bit, though we’ve been utterly serious with ourselves and we’ve been throwing lots of things in a bin, even before it creates it to a demo. It’s tough to make a blowing song like a wedding band in Melbourne can .

Cristina: “We unequivocally write constantly! Whether it’s a whole strain idea, or a riff, or a outspoken melody, we collect all we create, and this time it’s a LOT of stuff! Not all of a element is going to be used for album, or for reward marks though… though we still have it all and we keep it. There’s always something engaging to go behind to and re-listen to again!”

Q: Have we suspicion about doing a super fan packaging, like super grand and super expensive?

Andrea: “That is indeed a flattering good idea! we would adore to emanate something special for a constant fans. We’ll need to speak about it with a tag and see what we can do. Maybe it could be something special for a 10th anniversary of ‘Comalies’ that is entrance adult subsequent year.”

Cristina: “It’s unequivocally in a air. In a download epoch I’m still assured that a element duplicate of an manuscript is still something cold to have in your hands. Even some-more so if it’s stable by pleasing box enriched with a overwhelming graphic, visible and artistic ideas, and gadgets. we privately have TONS of ideas… though with these ideas a cost of a final product competence finish adult being waaaay too high!”

Q: Any “concept” for a album?

Andrea: “No concept. Just a collection of songs desirous by all of a events that we have gifted in a past integrate of years. For some of us, it was some unequivocally dim times.”

Q: Is a instruction still “heavier and darker” or has it altered since?

Andrea: “Absolutely, some things is flattering tight, substantially a heaviest we have ever written. But afterwards we have some cold songs with a dark, ‘old-school’ vibe, and afterwards some other rocking songs that are a bit some-more complicated and anthemic sounding.”

Cristina: “I only wish we all to listen to it ’cause we consider a aged fans will be gratified as good as a new one fans. The collection of songs is a ideal change between an comparison and a newer character of stone steel — with a complicated punch and saddening shadows. It’s tough to report music… we wish we can only suffer a outing with us!”

Once LACUNA COIL completes a recording sessions for a new album, a rope will spend a summer behaving during a name series of European festivals, including Greenfield, Graspop Metal Meeting and Sonisphere in Spain.

When asked how a new element is sounding, Cristina pronounced in a 2010 talk with Kerrang! magazine, “It’s still a stone sound. we like a instruction we took on ‘Shallow Life’ and this is going to be in that vein. we still adore steel to death, though during this indicate we like stone more. we like being means to move opposite things that are not indispensably from steel to a manuscript since we like a decay between sounds. we like that song is always elaborating and that we can be giveaway to take sounds and brew them together.”

Regarding either there are any other surprises in store, Cristina said, “At this theatre we indeed don’t know. We don’t devise that, since in some ways we like to stay with that classical sound and in some other ways we like to do something totally opposite and warn people. I’ve schooled over a years that we can’t make everybody happy. If we stay classic, there will be some who contend you’re not innovative, and if you’re innovative, people will protest that we sole out or we went off a rails. we can overtly contend we don’t caring anymore. We wish to be giveaway to do whatever we want. We adore stone and hurl and we adore metal, though we don’t wish to put any stipulations on what we competence make.”