Here at Journey South Official, our primary goal is to make you believe more in your company and what it is capable of bringing to the people. If you love your business, you will love it even more after you join our event.

Journey South Official is your business event partner. Join us and propel your business to even more success!



Journey South Philippines business event happening intends to bring together companies from the southern part of the United States. The event aims to achieve the following:

-Create a venue where southern United States-based businesses can gather as a group to discuss and share industry-related issues and concerns, as well as to explore possibilities and future projects.

-Encourage businesses to seek continuous growth and improvement by opening up to opportunities offered by potential partners and investors.

-Help businesses build, create, and nurture their image and brand.



Journey South Official’s Texas business event will be held at Midland. This is an ideal venue for business leaders of south United States to get together and join their forces (and talents & skills) to create a better entrepreneurial environment for these companies.

The Venue is spacious, simple but elegant, and very accessible. It’s very easy to locate, which is a big factor for many businesses. It is ideal for events like ours primarily because it upholds ideals that are the same as ours. We always welcomes guests who strive for excellence, guests who are dedicated to their goals, and guests who are always passionate to improve and learn. In all angles and aspects, it is the best venue for our event.


Fees and Prices

Journey South Official has several event fee packages that participants can choose from. We know that businesses like good deals, which is why we decided to come up with two options for those who want to join our event. Of course, early birds are the ones who will catch the biggest and juiciest worms. Check out our packages below:


Package One:

All-in-One Event Pass

*includes all activities plus pocket events


Package Two:

Single Event Pass

*one event pass only, separate fees for activities and pocket events (when necessary)


Early Bird Treat

Participants who register on or before the event will get discounts off their event fees.

Payments can be made online (credit card or PayPal) or on the day of the event.